This machine is a portable, convenient and efficient vacuum blaster no moving parts for dust free blasting. It is ideal for removing rust and scale leaving a clean surface with high adhesion for corrosion protection paint, plastic coating or plating. It is light weight (3.5kg) and an uncomplicated handling makes the Educt-O-Matic ideal for repair and maintenance work.


Educt-O-Matic has a swivel nozzle of the venture type and is very easy to maneuver in all directions and in confined

The standard adapter can be replaced by a special adapter which holds several types of attachments as you can see on the picture below.

Recommended working pressure is 6-7 bar. The capacity of the machine is 2-5m² per hour. Its unique design reduces air consumption by 40% to / min 1,5m³. The machine is so effective that other operations around without special shielding or protection can be carried out.

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