IPC-80/300 Quickstop Internal pipe coater


IPC-80/300 is Quick stop Painting machine, this machine is equipped with a foot pedal, by using the foot pedal you have both hands free, this allowing you to freely pull the machine manually through the tube.

Automatic Airless Gun is pneumatic controlled and stops spraying immidiately when losing the Foot pedal is left, so there will be no leak off paint when stopping IPC-80/300.

IPC-80/300 is designed to cover inside of tubes with inside diameter of 4,2” (Ø 102mm) up to  12” (Ø 300mm). The machine has a blast pattern of a circular 360° against the surface.

Controlling the paint flow is done by a standard spray-tip TN-SSTC-6.


Diameter range

4,2” up to 5”

Ø 106mm up to Ø 125mm



Diameter range

5” up to 12″

Ø 125mm up to Ø 300mm