IPC-80/300 internal pipe coater

Diameter range 6” (Ø 150mm) to 12” (Ø 300mm)

The IPC-80/300 is designed to coat the inside of pipe or tubing with internal diameter from 6” to 12” or Ø150mm to Ø300mm. The machine has a paint spray tip that will coat a blast pattern of a circular 360° against the surface. The paint flow is regulated by a standard spray-tip TN-SSTC-6.

This IPC-80/300 is manually pulled through the pipe at a predetermined speed based on paint film thickness and type of coating.

Generally, any type of coating may be used with the IPC-80/300. To obtain the best possible production, one man should operate the paint spray gun while another pulls the tool trough the pipe or tubing.

Centering carriage will have adjustable diameter range 6″ (Ø 150mm) to 12″ (Ø 300mm).

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