Rotoblast internal pipe cleaner

10” (Ø 250mm) until 35” (Ø 900mm)

The Rotoblast is designed to clean the interior of pipes with internal diameter from 9,5” until 35” to Ø 900mm.

The tool has an rotating head and is driven by compressed air and equipped with a braking system.

An adjustable centering carriage guides the tool through the pipe. The chart below shows the recommended centering legs, nozzle sizes and compressor capacities for different pipe diameters.

Centring carriage:

The carriage fits to the Rotoblast as one assembly. It’s consists of two collars, three two-wheel roller bars and four sets of centering legs (6 legs p/set).

Nozzle size length leg – diameter range Compressor size
Ø6.0mmx45 orifices 120 mm (dia Ø260-Ø300mm) 250 cfm / 250 cbm

Ø8.0mmx45 orifices

Ø9,5mmx45 orfices

190 mm (dia Ø260-Ø400mm) 365 cfm / 10.5 cbm
Ø8,0mmx80 orifices 290 mm (dia Ø400-Ø600mm) 365 cfm / 10.5 cbm
Ø9.5mmx100 orifices 460 mm (dia Ø600-Ø900mm) 600 cfm / 17 cbm


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