With the transformer you can easily supply the blast light with a safe 24 Volt. Comes with 3 meter of 2 x 0,75mm² neoprene cable.

600102 Transform


These are the specifications of the various models:


  • Housing off transformer is rubber.
  • Manufactured according NEN 1010 CE.
  • According IP 44-57.
  • Isolated according class II
  • Oil and acid resistant.
  • Thermal protection inrush


TR-1-II 2 outlet TR-1-II Transformer 220V/24V 500VA (F)
TR-1-IV 4 outlet TR-1-IV Transformer 220V/24V 500VA (F)
TR-2-II 2 outlet TR-2-II TR-2-II Transformer 220V/24V 1000VA (F)
TR-2-IV 4 outlet TR-2-IV TR-2-IV Transformer 220V24V 1000VA (F)
TR-3-II 2 outlet TR-3-II TR-3-II Transformer 115V24V 500VA (F)
TR-3-IV 4 outlet TR-3-IV TR-3-IV Transformer 115V24V 500VA (F)
TR-4-II 2 outlet TR-4-II TR-4-II Transformer 115V24V 1000VA (F)
TR-4-IV 4 outlet TR-4-IV TR-4-IV Transformer 115V24V 1000VA (F)

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