Tublast internal pipe cleaner

3” (76mm) 12” (300mm)

The Tublast is designed to clean the interior of pipes with internal diameter from 3” to 12” or 76mm to 300mm.


The Tungsten carbide tip has a blast pattern off circular 360°. The inside nozzle can be selected in 13mm or 16mm.

The Tublast can be connected directly to the blast hose, with CHE-2 (art no:401186) nozzle holder or CFT coupling (art no:401150).


TB-1    centring carriage 3” (76mm) until 5” (125mm)

There are four sets of buttons for I.D.


Button size Pipe size I.D
Use buttons for I.D. 3”  (76mm)  –  5”  (125mm)
5/16″         (8mm) 3.1/2″    (89mm)
9/16″         (15mm) 4″            (102mm)
13/16″      (20mm) 41/2″     (115mm)
1-1/16″     (28mm) 5″             (127mm)

Tublast carriage 3-5 inch 504210

TB-2 centring carriage is ranging in size from 5” (125mm) to 12”( 300mm).


Tublast carriage 5-12 inch 504220

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