Blast machine

Krimetal b.v. produce his own range of PED marked blast machines.

In accordance with the requirements of the Pressure equipment Directive 2014/68/EU and schedule 4 Module D & D1 of  The pressure Equipment Regulations 1999.

We will have the following volume range blast pots that are assembled with a pneumatic remote control and twin line hose / dead man handle. The blast pots can be extended with the following valves:



CS-200/CUP- ECO Blast-machine Fitted with UDV-P Valve


This Blast machine is constant under pressure, benefits of being constantly under pressure:



-Fast response.

-Efficient metering valve UDV-P.

-Less abrasive consumption, cheap replacement parts.

-Less air consumption means less fuel and less Co2 emissions.

-Blast with abrasive and or clean air to clean work surface or clean out blast hose.

-Only decompresses when refilling the Blast machine.